Salvage title screen
Global Game Jam 2015—What Do We Do Now?

Global Game Jam 2015 was an opportunity to play more with polish. We made Salvage, a very cut-down RTS in which the protagonist has to collect parts of a broken ship in order to escape from Earth before the CIA finds her. It was an opportunity to work with animation more than I had done previous, and I think it paid off: this is probably the prettiest of the games I've been involved in making.


Ludum Dare 30 (Jam)—Connected Worlds
Intergalactopol screenshot

For the theme of "connected worlds", we opted for an asteroids-style game with the mechanic of using a tractor to latch onto, and orbit around, planets rather than having any steering. This worked out pretty well, and I wrote up a post-mortem on the Ludum Dare site.

Call of Xyzzy

Mini-LD 50—Demakes
Call of Xyzzy screenshot

In April 2014, with 6 hours remaining before the cut-off time for Mini-LD 50, I discovered it was running and decided – in a fit of hubris – to make an entry in that time. The theme was "demakes", and calling on the writing talents of my old friend Taylor Vaughan we put together a text-based adventure parody of Call of Duty in the space of 5 hours.


Global Game Jam 2014—We Don't See Things As They Are, We See Things As We Are
Hatamari screenshot

In January 2014, for the Global Game Jam (this time at City University in London) the team and I made a hat-filled game for the theme of "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". This was the first time I had worked with a dedicated musician on the team (the responsibility generally having fallen to me previously), which was a new and interesting experience.


Ludum Dare 28 (Jam)—You Only Get One
Monorail screenshot

In December 2013, I took part in Ludum Dare 28. The theme was "minimalism" and we created a minimalist and neon-themed game which took the theme extremely literally.

The game came 33rd overall, including 35th for Theme, 46th for Fun, and 54th for Audio, which I put in no small part down to the music provided by Moleman.

Cheese Time

Ludum Dare 27 (Jam)—10 Seconds
Cheese Time screenshot

In September 2013, we re-formed the core team once again for Ludum Dare 27. The theme was "10 seconds" and we came up with a physics puzzle game with a twist: it takes place on the face of a clock, which rotates as time ticks by.


Global Game Jam 2013—(heartbeat)
Escape title

In January 2013, I took part in the Global Game Jam, at Creative England in Bristol. The theme was the sound of a heartbeat. We came up with a horror game with an interesting mechanic: at the sound of a heartbeat, a pulse travels across the screen, and you can only see anything within that pulse. Beyond that, the game was unintentionally a 2D remake of Slender: The Eight Pages.

Octodarwin vs. Bat-Monkey

Ludum Dare 24 (Jam)—Evolution
Octodarwin screenshot

In September 2012, I completed my first game jam for Ludum Dare 24. The theme was "evolution" which we warped into a lighthearted but fast-pased game of being chased by mutant mad scientist Charles Darwin. The game came 139th overall, and 19th in the "Humour" category.


Between 2005 and 2007 I was involved in Onlink: a very large mod to Introversion's game Uplink. I was brought in to work on its multiplayer aspects.


Between 2005 and 2008, I started and worked on a (relatively) simple web RPG, called Xenos, in the spirit of text-based adventure games.