20th of September, 2014

I have a blog now!

It’s been my intention to set up my website for some time, but as you can probably imagine the hunt for work has brought me to finally setting it up.

As those of you with an eye for design will immediately notice, you are much more talented than me. I started out with an idea of just making my front page an analogue of a business card (very minimal!) and everything went from there.

I went for a deep dive into the world of semantic markup. The HTML is actually very minimal and just contains the content, CSS is doing all the heavy lifting: even adding the Twitter bird to the front of my twitter handle.

I wanted to keep the site JavaScript-free since while I’m not a fan of people turning off JavaScript it does seem somewhat excessive to need JavaScript for a site containing just static content. What I did discover from that, however, is that it’s possible (though I didn’t) to do fold-out animations and collapsible sections without any involvement of JavaScript using deep CSS3 transition magic.

Something along the lines of:

.container .detail {
  transition: height 0.4s;
  height: 0;

.container:hover .detail {
  height: 10em;

will expand elements with the class detail inside container when the container is hovered over.

I’m certain that the design of the website will change as I come to terms with just how awful I’ve made this first cut at it, but for now I’m fairly satisfied.